Scie à panneaux avec montée et inclinaison disque automatique

15 000 D TTC

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OBT6132S China machine high precision horizontal sliding table panel saws for sale


Motor adopted international standard size,pure copper wire,good cooling,suitable for heavy working.
Dual-saw structure.

Smaller saw scrabing,big one used for cutting.

That could prevent fin.

Full welding process and more thick frame,that offer a durable performance.
Adopted SKF bearing,that offer a smooth and long life-time.



Model OBT6132S
Function Electric lift/electric tilt 45 degree
Dimensions Sliding Table 3200*380mm
Maximum Sawing Length 3200mm
Maximum Sawing Width 1250mm
Saw Blade Diameter 300mm(Φ250-Φ350)
Maximum Sawing Thickness 70mm
Spindle Speed 4000/6000rpm
Spindle Diameter 30mm
Tiling Saw Blade 45°
Main Motor Power 5.5kw
Scribing blade Specifications Φ120mm
Scribing Blade Speed 8000r/min
Shaft Diameter 20mm
Scoring Power 1.1kw
Weight 860kg
Wooden Boxed Weight 900kg
Dimensions 3250*3450*900mm